Governance and Policies

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Mill House will publish 

its core policies 

Adrian W. Masterman-Smith M. App. Sc., MA, BA.

Chair, Committee of Management.

Adrian has extensive experience in community development, holding roles of President and Chair of many organisations including Chamber of Commerce, Arts Project Officer, Director of Coach Education and Development , Sports Development Officer and committee person for LGAs. 

Candice Ankatell BA.

Secretary, Committee of Management.

A graduate with a degree in Psychology, Candice has rapidly become a great asset to the CoM. Candice has an interest in community development and has stood for the role of local councillor. Candice and her husband work locally and have just had their first child.

James Clarke BA, Grad Dip. Bus Acc, Cert of Business, Fellow of the Inst. of Public Accountants.

Treasurer, Committee of Management.

James has 20 years’ experience in not-for-profits in the role of Treasurer. James  continues to work with small business through providing accounting and tax return services.

Dr. Geoff Hadwen

Committee of Management

Geoff has run a practice in the local community and has an excellent understanding of the opportunities for this community. He introduces a new range of valuable skills to our committee and will be co-ordinating some new and exciting activities at Mill House.

Bev Watkins

Committee of Management.

Beverly is a retired health professional actively involved as a volunteer with Maryborough District Health Service. Her long understanding of our community and its range of community  organisations is an asset to the CoM.

Dr. Lowen Clarke

Committee of Management

Lowen is a prize-winning researcher in trauma and dissociation and an ethicist with the Dept. of Health. Lowen is also an author and illustrator of children’s books and was a National Director of Coaching for a State Sporting body.

John Williamson

Committee of Management

John is a Carisbrook farmer with extensive experience in community development and education. John still serves as Chair and Treasurer for many local community organisations who all benefit from his informed perspective of our community.

Reyne Canning

Committee of Management

Reyne’s background is  Solution-Focused Counselling and Communications. With 20 years’ experience in marketing, promotions, design, copywriting and public speaking with newspapers and tourist associations, Reyne’s skills are a valued contribution to the CoM.

Michelle Baker

Manager, Committee of Management

Michelle has joined Mill House with considerable experience in social work and community development with a particular interest in youth development. Her management expertise in team development and leadership completes the CoM skills set.

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